Do you have a Berger Picard in need of rescue?

Although the Berger Picard is a very old breed, they are still very new and quite rare here in the United States. Therefore it is important to know before proceeding further if your dog is an actual Berger Picard and not one of the many adorable scruffy look-a-likes that are often mistaken as a Berger Picard or a Berger Picard mix but actually have no genetic relation to an actual Berger Picard.

Need Picard

Why? As a relatively new club, our funds and resources are very limited and although we would love to help save any dog, we have to limit ourselves to only pure bred Berger Picards at this time. Please visit WHAT MAKES A PICARD A PICARD? for more help on deciding if you have an actual Berger Picard.

If you are having behavioral problems with your Berger Picard, the Berger Picard of America Rescue will gladly try and help you work through and correct the problem(s). Our Rescue volunteers have many years of experience raising and training Berger Picards, so they have encountered most problems you might be having with these active, highly intelligent dogs and they are more than willing to work with you to try and correct the problem(s). Please contact us as soon as possible.

However, if you have no choice but to turn your Berger Picard over to Rescue, we are here for you and your dog(s). Please download and complete the Berger Picard of America Surrender Form.

Berger Picard Club of America Surrender 2014

You will need Adobe PDF reader, or a word processor that can read .pdf documents. If you cannot download or open the file please email Once the form is filled out it may be remitted via email. One of our volunteers will be in contact with you shortly.

Since the Berger Picard of America Rescue is run totally by volunteers, and funded solely by donations, please be aware that we may need your help towards rehabilitating and rehoming your dog. This may be the cost of flying the dog out to a foster home, or some other amount, as you are able. However, we will not turn down any purebred Berger Picard if you are financially unable to assist.