Judges Education Committee:

Betsy Richards– Founding president of the Berger Picard Club of America. Betsy has been instrumental in developing the judges education power point presentation along with other materials.  She has attended the National Elevage in France three times over the last decade.

Liz Hansen– Liz was the primary author of the current BPCA breed standard.  Liz has bred and finished over 100 champion standard Schnauzers.  She also works in the Canine Genetics department at the University of Missouri.

Jackie Carswell– Former BPCA Treasurer and former President of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America. She is also the BPCA’s delegate. Jackie is an approved AKC judge for Irish Wolfhounds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. She has an excellent eye for a dog.

Michael Greenberg and Meg Weitz  Mike and Meg have bred Briards for over 30 years. Mike is a licensed AKC judge. Both are well informed on the French herding breeds.  They have traveled to France on numerous occasions for judging and showing their dogs.  Meg is the chairman of the judge’s education committee for the Briard Club of America. Mike is the show chairman for the illustrious Devon Dog Club.