Welcome to the Berger Picard Health Survey

How to use this survey.

This survey has been developed in cooperation with the Berger Picard Club of America Health committee and the BPCA Board of Directors to determine health concerns appearing in the Berger Picard. This survey is hosted and managed by the OFA & CHIC, and is completely anonymous. It is designed to gather health information on Picards anywhere in the world, and make the cumulative results available to anyone who wants to see them. No individual dogs will be tracked. This is simply to report overall health of as many dogs as possible. With this knowledge, breeders can work toward improving overall health of the breed in future generations. Where warranted, the club will encourage participation in research projects investigating diseases that may appear in the breed.

All information submitted is confidential and results are shown only in aggregate.

Please complete a separate survey for each Berger Picard currently living with you, as well as any previously owned that may be deceased. When you have completed the survey for one dog and submitted your responses, simply restart a new one for the next dog you are reporting.

You will be asked to complete the owner information only once – when you return to do a second dog, the owner questions will not be repeated.

When the status changes for one of the dogs you have surveyed, you can do an update survey for that dog. You will be asked if the survey is a first time survey or an update of a previously surveyed dog. For an update, please only mark what has changed – there is no need to mark things that have remained the same.

For any other health concern for this dog or for Picards in general that is not covered by previous questions, please email BPCA Health Chair Liz Hansen at HansenL@missouri.edu with your concerns. We will consider additions to the survey if warranted.

Thank you for your time and information!